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                                        PETITION IN BEHALF OF EQUAL SUFFRAGE
                                                PRESENTED BY

WHEREAS- in the One Hundred twenty-six years of national life of America, no class of man has been forced to organize a movement in behalf of their own enfranchisement. However, American women have been forced to organize and conduct a persistent and intelligent movement, for more than half a century, for this enfranchise-ment, which movement has grown stronger with the years.

WHEREAS- twelve states now give women EQUAL enfranchisement with men. Illinois gives Presidential and Municipal suffrage. More than four million women are fully enfranchised and entitled to vote in this Presidential election. These thirteen states ex-tending this right have a total of ninety-one electoral votes. Iowa is to hold her election in June before the convention. Also- in twenty states in which women have municipal suffrage, totaling thirty-three states in which women have a voice in the government.three states