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Winchester, Va., Aug. 3, 1919. My dear Mrs. Barton: Enclosed is a copy of what I said to the representatives. I thought I had an exact copy of the whole petition but cannot lay my hands on it. The subject matter was copied from parts of the Bulletin No., 5 from the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia, for I thought they had it admirably set forth, and am at a loss to see how any politician with any prophetic vision can throw away such arguments lightly. I believe though that they will throw them away, and I am wondering whether they will even read our petitions. I hope so, anyway. One petition was sent to Henry Byron and one to Mr. Omps. The following names were written on the petition in their own hand writing (Gertrude signed your name): E. Virginia Smith O. L. Jack Emilie G. W. Carter A. D. Griffith Mr. S. L. Lupton Mrs. S. L. Lupton Mrs. Harry K. Russell " W. A. Baker " M. M. Lynch " Melvin Green " R. T. Barton " Arthur M. Field Miss Agnes P. Smith " Jaquelin Smith Laura Nelson Smith Mrs. Martin Wisecarver J. M. Steck Fanny P. Page Anne Cover Kern Mrs. George Baetjer " John M. Steck " B. Mitchell Knight Judith C. Gibson H. R. Homer H. D. Fuller G. M. Hansbrough Mrs. Walker Mc. Bond Augusta Conrad, H. M. Knight, Katharine Baetjer. I could have secured many, many more names but had not time to canvas longer. To the names enumerated above, I added about 175 names secured last winter. You see then we had altogether a formidable number of names prominent locally and they appeared well on the petition. Sincerely, E. Virginia Smith