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January 31, 1920 My dear Mrs. Barton:-

We are writing to ask if you will not write a personal letter of thanks to Mr. Omps, and get others to do so also. He voted on last Tuesday to refer suffrage ratification to the people, an action, which, while not entirely what he had hoped for, at least prevented a rejection of the amendment. All our friends voted for this action, and some who had not before supported suffrage, stood for this proposition in a spirit of fairness.

The suffrage question is set for debate in the Senate on Tuesday, February 3rd.

It is because of the help you and others in the home counties of our legislators, have given during this campaign, that we have been able to do so much to advance suffrage sentiment here.

We want you to know that we greatly appreciate your response to our requests, and hope you will be able to hold out with us in any subsequent ones we may have to make during the legislative session.

Cordially yours, Lila Meade Valentine Mrs. B.B. Valentine President

Mr. Opms kindly acted as one of our patrons.