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Lesson V - Page 2. Living Costs - Continued 9. If you have no service, why is it? Is it because it is not available or because you cannot afford it? 10. Practically all rates in Virginia are based on a sliding scale, for example: 11. What are your rates? Are they reasonable for you to afford to install electric appliances? Do you have a special cooking rate? How much lower is it than your lighting rate? Do you have a power rate and a domestic rate? 12. Name the public utilities with which you come in daily contact. 13. Which department of the state government regulates public utilities? 14. How much control is exercised by the Corporation Commission over public utilities in Virginia? 15. Are profits of public utility companies controlled by law in Va.? 16. How are the interstate activities of public utility companies regulated. 17. Locate some of the natural site in Virginia suitable for utility development. 18. Name some hydro-electric sites already developed. 19. What was the purpose of the Conference on Rural Electrification called by Gov. Byrd in February 1929? 20. The conference appointed a joint committee to work out detailed plans. Wo is on this joint committee? 21. What have they done? 22. The other item of study on Living Cost Program of the Virginia League is the conservation of sea-food. (this will be studied later). 23. What are the items on the program of the National League of Women Voters relating to Living Costs? (See National Program) Suggestions for study: Program of Study and of Support of Va. League of Women Voters, 1929-30. Program of National League of Women Voters. Explanation of Living Costs Program, Nat. League of Women Voters.