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LESSON VII - Page 2 Social Hygiene, Continued. 15. Are there any State Reformatories for girls? 16. Are there any provided for women? ___In what State institutions are women offenders sent? 17. Why are police women so urgently recommended? 18. Who appoints the State Health Commissioners? _____ Who is the present commissioner? 19. Is the control of venereal diseases consider important in medical science? 20. In the State there are (how many) ___open clinics for the diagnosis and treatment of venereal

     diseases. Both men and women are treated.

21. Are cases followed up and treated? 22 The prevalence of venereal diseases is shown by a report made to the State Social Hygiene

    Bureau from July 26  to July 31, 1928. In these five days 1200 Virginia physicians reported 
    8,460 cases.

23. Why does the Virginia League League of Women Voters advocated larger appropriations to

     carry on the Social Hygiene work in the State Department of Health?  Because the League 
     believes the social hygiene is a concern of all interested in public welfare. Careful training in 
     character and sex will help to prevert delinquency and reduce the [pre]valance of venereal 
     diseases. Proper law enforcement will improve the moral and health conditions of any 
     community. The establishment and maintenance of clinics mean the reduction of venereal 
     disease cases and the safeguarding of innocent people.

24. What are the items on the program of the National League of Women Voters relating to

     Social Hygiene? (See National League Program.)

Suggestions for study:: Program of Study and Support of Va. League of Woman Voters 1929-1930 Program of Work of National League of Women Voters Explanation of Social Hygiene program of National League of Women Voters The Three Laws. Published by National League of Women Voters Educational Measures, " " " " " Law Enforcement " " " " " " Medical Measures " " " " " The following books are recommended:

        A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil, by Jane Adams
        The Way Life Begins, by Cady
        Toward Racial Health, by March.

The following pamphlets may be obtained from the American Social Hygiene Association,

  370 Seventh Av,  New York:
       How Shall I Tell My Child, by Chapman, 35 cents
       High School and Sec Education, by Gruenberg, 50 cents
       A Bibliography. Free.