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KNOW YOU LEAGUE PROGRAM LESSON VIII Department of Public Welfare in Government Women in Industry 1. For what purpose does the League of Women Voters have a committee on Women in Industry?

   Because it believes that problems which affect women in industry, such as wages, hours of 
   labor, conditions in factories, industrial hazards, occupational diseases, workmen;s 
   compensation, etc. should be studied and understood by voters with a view to correcting 
   discrimination against women and exploitation of women engaged in industrial pursuits.

2. Is the Virginia League supporting on its active program any legislative measure at this time

   relating to Women in Industry?   Nothing except adequate appropriations fro Women's and 
   Children's Division of the Department of Labor and Industry.

3. What phase of the subject is being studied by the Virginia League? The Relation of Virginia

    Laws on Women in Industry to the recent industrial development of the State.

4. How long has this been on the study program? 5. Name some of the principal Virginia laws affecting women in industry? 6. Explain each. (See Sec, 1808 of Code of Va). (See Sec. 107 of Code of Va). (See Sec.

   1822, Code of Va).

7/ How do the laws of Virginia compare with the standards set up by the