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KNOW YOUR LEAGUE PROGRAM LESSON IX Department of Legal Statue of Women 1. Why does the League have a department on the Legal States of Women? 2. How many items has the Virginia League on its active program for support which concerns the

   legal status of Women?

3. What are they? 4. has it supported those measures before? 5. Why does the League believe women should serve on juries? Because if it is a duty, women

   should share it; if it is a privilege, they should not be denied it. In the States where women serve 
   on juries, judges and other court officers testify that they bring intelligence and 
   conscientiousness  to the job, are not swayed by emotions and tend to raise the entire tone of 
   court procedure as well as speed it up. The old arguments against it have all been disproved.

6. What exemptions does the League recognize for women? Similar exemptions to those for men

   and in addition exemptions for trained nurses, mothers of children under fifteen years of age, 
   and for those deeming themselves physically unable to serve.

7.Why does the League believe a mother should have equal privileges with the father in the guardianship of the child? Because the legal position of the mother toward her child is intolerable. She has no legal control over his education, religion, property, or vocation. The fact that in case of separation of husband and wife judges usually favor the mother is a proof of the justice of her demand. But her claim should be supported by law when she is living with her husband, and not left to the discretion of the individual judge in the case of separation.