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KNOW YOUR LEAGUE PROGRAM LESSON X Department of International Co-operation 1. Legislative measures relating to international co-operation have to be passed by the Congress of

   the United States, therefore the Virginia League of Women Voters has no legislative program 
   separate from that of the national League. The Virginia League co-operates through Va.  
   Senators and Representatives in Congress with the National League in the passage of such 
   legislation which takes the form usually of treaties and appropriations for the army and navy.

2. The Virginia League recommends especially for study the present status of the adherence of the

   United States to the World Court.

3. The United States voted for entry into the World Court on Jan 27th with the following reservation:

   (See "Root Formula and the World Court", pg 14-15)

4. These reservations were considered by ________ at________ in______ 5. All except ______were acceptable. This reservation concerned ________, and it was suggested

   that the U.S discuss the matter further. The U.S. refused to do this and a deadlock ensued but 
   the whole subject was not closed.

6.The question of the entrance of the U.S. into the Court was reopened in the Senate in ____.

   by Senator_____, after President Coolidge made it known that he favored renewal of  

7. Circumstances which contributed favorably to reopening negotiations were __________ and the election of __________to the position of judge in the World Court .