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be adapted to the needs of any county in the State.

b. A county manager form, which is particularly recommended for counties with urban conditions and larger rural counties.

c. Provisions for the voluntary cooperation of adjoining counties or of counties and towns in the establishment of larger areas for the administration of roads, health, welfare and other functions; provision for the consolidation of counties.

d. Abolition of fee system as method of compensating public officers, except certain part-time officers having a regular occupation aside from the governmental service. Auditor of Public Accounts to be member of State Fee Commission.

e. To improve financial organization recommendations for: 1) Uniform accounting system, effective budget and auditing procedure. 2) Organized purchase and control of supplies. 3) Governor to withhold certain State appropriations from counties whose bonds are in default, to be applied against such default. 4) Counties receiving $10,000 or more annually from returns on gasoline tax to employ separately or with one or more counties a competent road engineer. 5) Board of supervisors to inquire into conduct and affairs of county offices. 6) Board to provide for insurance on public buildings. 7) Employment of county auditor. 8( Omission by treasurer of delinquent property from delinquent list to be a misdemeanor.

f. To improve administration of justice recommendations for: 1) Appointment by circuit court judge of trial justice with trial jurisdiction heretofore vested in the justices of the peace. 2) Limitation of number of justices of the peace to one for each magisterial district to be appointed by circuit court judge.

g. Appointment of county school board by board of supervisors.

D. Legislation affecting counties enacted by General Assembly of 1932.

1. Measures to permit the adoption b the counties of either the county executive or county manager plan, the main change made in bill as passed being in the election rather than appointment of sheriff.

2. Act to provide for voluntary consolidation of counties.

3. Act for joint employment of officers by two or more adjoining counties, or by counties and towns.