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 3. The administrative departments.
       a. Department of Finance
          1) Director to be appointed by Board of Supervisors.
          2) Duties of director: to administer financial affairs of county including budget, 
              assessment of  property for taxation, collection of taxes, license fees, and other 
              revenues, custody and  expenditure of county funds, purchases of supplies, equipment 
              etc.; to keep and  supervise all accounts.

Note: In director of finance is combined duties of treasurer and commissioner of the revenue

         according to present  form. New director may be provided with deputies or assistants by 
         Board of  Supervisors
        b. Department of Public Works
            1) Director shall be county engineer, appointed bu Board.
            2) Duties: construction and maintenance of county roads, bridges and other public 
                works; construction  and care of public buildings.
        c. Department of Public Welfare.
            1) Director shall be Superintendent of Public Welfare chosen by Board from list of 
                eligible furnished by State Commission of Public Welfare.
            2) Duties" charge of poor relief, charitable and correctional institutions, parks and 
            3) Supervisors may provide for advisory and cooperative board to serve without pay..
         d. Department of Law Enforcement
            1) To consist of Attorney for Commonwealth (elected by people), sheriff (elected by 
                 people) and their assistants, deputies and employees.
            2) General duties: Commonwealth's attorney to represent State's and county's interest 
                in legal matters. Sheriff to supervise and control police force of county.
         e. Department of Education.
            1) To consist of school board (chosen by and serving at pleasure of board of 
                supervisors), division superintendent (appointed by school board from list of eligibles 
                furnished by State Department of Education), and officers and employees.
            2) Duties: those imposed by general law (same as at present)
             Note: The most important change affecting the administration of schools concerns 
                       financial administration. Under  the proposed plan the school budget is included 
                       in the general country budget and thus is subject to the effective control of the 
                       Board of Supervisors.
          f. Department of Records.
             1) Headed by county clerk (elected)
             2.) Duties: same as at present.
         g. Department of Health.
             1) Headed by health officer, chosen by Board of Supervisors from list of eligibles 
                  furnished by State Board of Health.
             2) Duties: those provided by general law (same as at present)
             3) Board of Supervisors may provide for advisory board to serve without pay
         h. Board of Supervisors my provide for two additional departments if they see fit.
             1) Department of Assessments
             2) Department of Farm and Home Demonstration.
            Note: The law definitely says that upon the recommendation of the county executive the Board may reassign, transfer,  or combine any county functions, activities or departments, therefore it is not necessary to have all those departments when local circumstances do not justify.