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6 13 sufficient number of copies thereof, and shall deliver one copy 14 for each voting place in his county or city, to the sheriff of the 15 county or sergeant of the city, whose duty it shall be to post 16 one copy, without delay, at each of the voting places, and, with- 17 in ten days from the receipt thereof, to make return on oath 18 to the clerk, as to the places where and dates at which said 19 copies were respectively posted; which return the clerk shall 20 record in a book kept in his office for the purpose, and he shall 21 keep in his office for public inspections, for at least sixty days 22 after receiving the list, not less than ten certified copies thereof, 23 and also cause the list to be published in such other manner as 24 may be prescribed by law; the original list returned by the 25 treasurer shall be filed and preserved by the clerk among the 26 public records of his office for at least five years after receiving 27 the same. Within thirty days after the list has been so posted, 28 any person who shall have paid his capitation tax, but whose 29 name is omitted from the certified list, may, after five days' 30 written notice to the treasurer, apply to the circuit court of his 31 county, or corporation court of his city, or to the judge thereof 32 in vacation, to have the same corrected and his name entered 33 thereon, which application the court or judge shall promptly 34 hear and decide. 35 The clerk shall deliver, or cause to be delivered, with the


36 poll-books, at a reasonable time before every election, to one 37 of the judges of election of each precinct of his county or city, 38 a like certified copy of the list, which shall be conclusive evi- 39 dence of the facts therein stated for the purpose of voting. 40 The clerk shall also, within sixty days after the filing of 41 the list by the treasurer, forward a certified copy thereof, with such 42 corrections as may have been made by order of the court or 43 judge, to the Auditor of Public Accounts, who shall charge the 44 amount of the poll taxes stated therein to such treasurer unless 45 previously accounted for. 46 Further evidence of the prepayment of the capitation taxes 47 required by this Constitution, as a prerequisite to the right to 48 register and vote, may be prescribed by law. 49 And insert in lieu thereof the following:

Sec. 18. Every male and female citizen of the United States, 2 twenty-one years of age, who has been a resident of the State 3 two years, of the county, city, or town, one year, and of the 4 precinct in which he or she offers to vote, thirty days, next pre- 5 ceding the election in which he or she offers to vote, has been 6 registered, and has paid his or her State poll taxes, as herein- 7 after required, shall be entitled to vote for members of the Gen- 8 eral Assembly and all officers elective by the people; but re- 9 moval from one precinct to another, in the same county, city