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10 or town shall not deprive any person of his or her right to vote 11 in the precinct from which he or she has moved, until the expira- 12 tion of thirty days after such removal.

Sec. 20. Every male and female citizen of the United States, 2 having the qualifications of age and residence required in sec- 3 tion eighteen, shall be entitled to register, provided: 4 First. That he or she has personally paid to the proper offi- 5 cer all State poll taxes assessed or assessable against him or her, 6 under this or the former Constitution, for the three years next 7 preceding that in which he or she offers to register; or, if he 8 or she comes of age at such time that no poll tax shall have been 9 assessable against him or her for the year preceding the year 10 in which he or she offers to register, has paid one dollar and fifty 11 cents, in satisfaction of the first year's poll tax assessable against 12 him or her; and 13 Second. That unless physically unable, he or she make ap- 14 plication to register in his or her own handwriting, without 15 aid, suggestion, or memorandum, in the presence of the regis- 16 tration officers, stating therein his or her name, age, date and 17 place of birth, residence and occupation at the time and for the 18 two years next preceding, and whether he or she has previously 19 voted, and, if so, the State, county and precinct in which he 20 or she voted last; and,


21 Third. That he or she answer on oath any and all questions 22 affecting his or her qualifications as an elector, submitted to him 23 or her by the officers of registration, which questions, and his 24 or her answers thereto, shall be reduced to writing, certified by 25 the said officers, and preserved as a part of their official records.

Sec. 21. Any person registered under either of the last two 2 sections shall have the right to vote for members of the General 3 Assembly and all officers elective by the people, subject to the 4 following conditions: 5 That he or she, unless exempted by section twenty-one, shall, 6 as a prerequisite to the right to vote after the first day of Janu- 7 ary, nineteen hundred and four, personally pay, at least six 8 months prior to the election, and state poll taxes assessed or as- 9 sessable against him or her, under this Constitution, during the 10 three years next preceding that in which he or she offers to vote; 11 provided that, if he or she register after the first day of January, 12 nineteen hundred and four, he or she shall, unless physically un- 13 able, prepare and deposit his or her ballot, without aid, on such 14 printed form as the law may prescribe; but any male voter 15 registered prior to that date may be aided in the preparation 16 of his ballot by such officer of election as he himself may desig- 17 nate.

Sec. 24. No officer, soldier, seaman, or marine of the United