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HISTORICAL RECORDS SURVEY, 314 E. Main St., Richmond, Virginia.

Mrs. Sarah S. Matthews, University of Virginia Hospital, University, Virginia November 17/36

Dear Mrs. Matthews:- Your card came this morning and I am thoroughly delighted that Mrs. Townsend has stirred you up and opened that vast field in Eastern Virginia to your facile. Your say when you get started you do not know when to stop---that sounds GOOD to me, the more you tell the better I'll like it. I know the busiest time of the year is right upon us, so I am not going to limit you to a specific time, but let me have it as soon as you reasonably can. No one can make a better job of the Eastern part of the State than you, as you have lived there for a long time, and then you traveled around that section in the interest of the League of Women Voters and so refreshed your memory in between times and will not have to jump back to 1910 all at one fell jump. The Norfolk League (Suffrage) was formed November 18, 1910 with 40 members and the following officers if you want their names--- President, Mrs. Walter Adams, 1st V-P Miss Ethel Neeley, 2nd V-P, Mrs. Harry Tyler, 3rd V-P, Mrs. Harry M. Bain, Secty-Treas. Miss Rosa Rountree, and Honorary President, Mrs. Louise Collier Willcox. Mrs. Adams remained President three years and was succeeded by Miss Kate T. Cooke, who was succeeded by Mrs. A. C. Dillingham, and she by Miss Elizabeth Cooke who went to France during her second term and was succeeded by Mrs. George Park, (1st V. P.), Miss Cooke then (1919) returned to Norfolk and took up her presidential job again and was succeeded by Mrs. John F. Blackwell October 9, 1919, who probably ket [letter "p" inserted] the job until we got the vote in August 1920---too late to vote in the Primary of that year but we DID vote in the regular election in November, 1920.