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jer to accept the chairmanship of the Literature Committee, which motion was carried.

The Board confirmed the President's recent action in appointing Mrs. Bart Muers and Mrs. Cary Weston as Honorar Vice-Presidents in addition to the one we already have - Miss Ellen Duval.

As the hour for the regular meeting of the League had arrived the Board adjourned to meet again at the same hour and place, Tuesday February 3rd. S Sandridge, Sec'y

Feb 14 A meeting of the Executive Board of the Norfolk Equal Suffrage League was held Feb 14 at 3 p m in the writing room of the Lynnhaven Hotel those present were being Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Stone, Mrs. Couper, Mrs. Everhart. Mrs. Townsend, Mrs. Black and Miss Sandridge.

Mrs. Couper obtained the floor and made a ten minute talk on the importance of adhering strictly to the Constitution and By-Laws and following Robert's Rules of Order to the letter. She pointed out instances w thesehere