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Friday March 19th 1915 Motion picture Slides explained - voted to get - $2. Petitions - everybody keep one handy at home Debate - Mi;; E S be detrimental to church work Men's League Merging of Merrimac & E S Galvaston Texas they are selling 100 copies of the Woman's Journal every week  :What's the Matter with Suffrage in Norfolk?" Ask Miss Wentworth to send list of members to Mrs. Barton Myers Money & for Journal & Stanworth Write to Miss Gordon about S C not coming Hostesses for next week Miss Wills & Mrs. White hostess for Saturday New Pennant for door below flag Report of collector engaged for dues Auction box of [emb] collar Who will? Ask Wentwortk & Stanworth or Journal money - sent Glass & knife needed Send to Mrs. Southgate what League stands for today