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[Letter Head] Equal Suffrage League of Norfolk Jesse E. Townsend, President, 245 W. Freemason Street (Mrs. C. E.) Norfolk, Virginia 1st Vice-President-Mrs. W. J. Adams 601 Colonial Avenue 2nd Vice President-Mrs. G. L. P. Stone U. S. S. Richmond, Navy Yard Rec. Sec'y-Mrs. L. C. Mathews 146 9th Street Cor. Sec'y-Miss Katherine Wicker 345 Duke Street Treas.-Miss Fannie L. Goldsmith 704 Westover Avenue Ass't Treas.-Mrs. M. A. Hartigan, Jr. 16 Stratford Apartments Honorary Vice-Presidents: Miss Ellen Duval Mrs. Barton Myers Mrs. Carey Weston

[Letter Body] Nov 28-1913 Order of the day appoint Sergeant at [anns] + [preferes?] in Parliamentary Law appoint sec. [pro. term.?] Minutes of last meeting Reports of Committees } [Leatire?] + [Entercone?] Miss [Neely's?] plan Chain [plionins?] [Rotary neostyle duplicate?] Membership [count?] call roll of last week give out more [buttons?] Unfinished [minutes?]-3 [things?] Mrs Valentine's letter, petitions Miss [Durall's?] by-law Pledges + instructions [by nat'l?] delegates New business- deluged with letters-Letters to legislation -how many will our business for this week-everybody- names of [he?] Blackboard- names of legislators - ask [tints?] pass age consent [call?] Give out scraps of paper with names on