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[a yellow stamp in left hand corner reading VOTES FOR WOMEN NEW JERSEY WOMEN VOTED 1776-1807 WHY NOT NOW] see Sadie's secy book JONES STONE VY YARD RIDGE BERKEY ND ON STREET

EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF NORFOLK MRS, W J ADAMS, PRESIDENT 601 COLONIAL AVENUE NORFOLK VIRGINIA TREASURER - MRS. C C COUPER 208 BOTETOURT APT. AS'T TREA. - MISS FLORENCE WHITEHEAD 223 28TH STREET HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENTS: MISS ELLEN DUVAL MRS. BARTON MYERS MRS. CAREY WESTON Order of the Day for Jan 9. 1914 & 16th Appointment of sergeant at arms and referee in parliamentary law Mimits of meetings Dec 19 & 25 1913 & Jan 2 1914 & 9th Treasurer's report since Dec 19th Reports of Committees Literature Com Miss Wallace Membership com Mrs. Stone - reminded them of the slogan 1000 members by next Oct. which means an average of 20 new ones each week Lecture & Ent Com Mrs Adams what in future? Finance Com please get workers & get together ask for volunteers on each committee Press com Mrs Everhart - yearly report in paper.

Unfinished business Officers com congratulations ect Miss Duvall's by-law will be put at next meeting also another by-law as to time of elections members please take notice & be ready