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In the absence of sec'y there were no minits read. Treasurer reported $44 - in the Treasury, $22 - of which must be retained for dues to Richmond. $10 paid out for bookcase only $2.of which was taken from the treasury.

Pres. gave under the head of unfinished business, the report of the Officers committee which has been unable to report for the past six weeks as follows, that the resignation of the chairmen of 3 of the standing committees was accepted with many regrets, and in their stead was elected Mrs. Annie Savage chairman of Finance com/ Mrs. Geo. Parke, chairman Lec & Ent com & Miss Wentworth chairman membership committee

Reports of Literature, Lect & Ect & Press committees

Appointed committee to take petitions to labor unions for signatures - Mrs. Jones chairman

[the following were turned upside down in bottom right hand corner] Labor Union Comm Press committee Membership Com Fin Com Literature Lecture & Ent