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[Heading] Equal Suffrage League of Virginia Norfolk, Va., President Pauline Forstall Adams 400 Colonial Avenue Phone 1014 Secretary Miss Sarah Sandridge 150 Main Street, Berkley Phone 312, Berkley Treasurer Mrs. Chas. Townsend 209 Freemason Street Phone 3189 1st Vice President Mrs. Harry M. Bain 5 E. Raleigh Avenue 2nd Vice President Mrs. WM. L. Tait 416 Mobray Arch Honorary Vice Presidents Louise Collier Wilcox Ethel Neely Ellen Duval [Text] Order of this day, Friday [March?] 13 1914 1. Reading of minutes by secretary [illegible] [Mr?] [illegible] 2. Treasurer's report take action about [national?] pledge 3. Report of [standing?] com. [Finance?] Mrs. Stanworth suffragette [illegible]? Literature Miss [Wallace?] Lec. + [Ect.?] [illegible] [written under] also reception [in line] la [illegible] + S. Play? [Pieces?] Mrs [Evenhart?] [illegible] Miss Wentworth * 4 Report of Special Com [up carrot] on the Reception Mrs [illegible] Miss Wallace Mrs Stone [was?] taken ill and resigned her [pra?] [illegible] Miss Wallace will report her proposed [place?] [illegible] fall. [illegible] com. for play after Easter 5 [illegible] The proposed by laws [to?] the Constitution Write out on [illegible] leave chair to Mrs [Adams?] + [illegible] Miss [illegible] letter con. way 2 appoint com. 6. New [illegible] has any one any suggestions?

  • [illegible] com. have decided to take [illegible] [work?] as [theirs?] permanent method and keep it going [illegible] until [we?] have a complete indexed [card?] [illegible] of [this?] city and have gathered [illegible] 1000 members.

7. [Resume?] of the [up carrot] [woman?] Suffrage situation in Va. + our sister state Maryland Read article and after [illegible] drawing out [illegible] as to what is the best method to [illegible] for the coming two years till next legislature. 8. Article read before [illegible] New Orleans on "Segregation v.s. [morality?]" Miss Adams 9. Adjournment.