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Miss C. L. C. Bull - 241 Holt St. Mrs Simmons Homekeeper C. [E?]. Marshall Manager (Miss) [illegible] Parker G. [illegible] " Nancy Alexander G. [illegible] Josephine Glasgow Clark 17 [Warslow?] Crescent (H. keeper) May Baker Art Student Lena R. Brooke Art Student [Elvine?] M. Brooke Mrs Chas. L. Williamson Homekeeper Mrs Lucy M. Biggs Miss Estelle [Frares?] canvasser Mary L. (Mrs [illegible] [illegible] [Lr?]. Homekeeper [Jude?] Willcot John L. Rope Miss [illegible] [Drews?] Mrs. [Stacy?] Baker Mr. & Mrs. Fredell [Jenkins?] Dr. & Mrs. B. R. [Kennon?] M. Gertrude Phillpotts Lelia H. [Dantes?]

Phone 6063 33 Raleigh Ave 6138 203 Chapel [Lt?]. 315 Olney Rd 2617 428 Olney Rd.

324 Raleigh Ave 4706 406 Fairfax " 4307 406 Fairfax " 4307 41st Riverview 426 Duke 27th Lt. 10th. Ward Norfolk 122 [Baisserain?] Ave. Freemason St. " "

Warren Crescent Montray Arch 135 [illegible] [Lt?] 234 York Lt