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Subscription list for entertainment of delegates. Miss Neeley $5.00 Mrs. Willcox 5.00 act 112-Laws 1908 Mrs H. H. Jones 5.00 Mrs. Appleby 5.00 Mrs Carey Weston 10.00 Jan. 21. Called to order by President-minutes read & approved. Signers ([illegible] in each ward) read, map of Norfolk by wards, pictures of councilmen. (Mrs Adams told of: Letter from Miss Jones, concerning details of parade. Outfit $2.1 in store window Julia Lathrop soon (Mrs. Stone's letter) Head of Children's Bureau-Church: Mr. Somers made a talk on the City Council, explaining how ordinances are made, etc. 823 Pollard's code Mr. Macon told why he voted against the Judson Ordinance. Mr. Pitt made a talk along the same line. Mr. Macon talked again explaining that the Judson case was not in the same class as Backed out for reasons Mrs Laird Mrs R. Taylor Mrs Leitch P Misses Nottingham no. Mrs Phillips Lee Mrs H. Hodges Mrs Chalener the $90,000 appropriated to Virginian R. R. Rising vote of thanks. Mrs. Washington made a little talk; Mrs. Adams also.