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Delegates. Mrs. H. H. Jones. Mrs. J. Cloyd Byars (one ) Mrs. Bain will entertain one Couper, Mrs. Chas. Miss Theeley (will entertain two) Mrs. C. E. Townsend ( " " two Mrs. Willcox will entertain two Mrs. Adams (will entertain two) or 3? will entertain one " " ? Mrs. Mon Osborne will entertain one. " Jones " " one (or more?) Miss Langley " " two Mrs. R. W. Shuldice " " one " " one. Mrs. Cary [Warton?] 2 probably Mrs. A. A. Garcelin " " one Mrs. Savage " " one (Mrs. Smith [illegible] Mrs. B. Chaloner " " one Mrs. Washington Mrs. Christian Lynels Miss Fitzhugh Fred Mrs. Durham J. W. Rd Mrs. & Miss Crump Rd Mrs. G. L. Jobson & Mrs. J. T. Jobson Rd Cor. Mrs Dexter Otey Lyn (or Mrs Lena Wills) pd & Mrs Prostrup Mrs. S. W. Richardson of Marion. Miss Steele Cov Mrs. Washington from [illegible] Mrs Annie Bannister Lyn (sister of Carger Glass) Mrs. Valentine Rucker Lyn Mrs. S. M. Smithdeal Rd Misses Castle of Staunton