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OCEAN VIEW Princinct #2

Nelson, Mrs. Lulu W. [illegible] not found

Ott, Catherine L. W. Mrs.

Parker, Mrs. Eva R. Little Bay 102 Pick, Mrs. Elizabeth [Base?] Potts, Mrs. Mary [Poescher?]Mrs. Mary E. Preston, Mrs. Merrill Page [illegible]

Rafford, Mrs. Jessie B. Rafford, Miss Alma L. Rafford, Miss Lilly V. [Reid?], Mrs. Hazel Jane Roberts, Mrs. Beulah H. T. college [line?] Rosson, Mrs. Ella K. [Scribner?], Mrs. Pauline C. [illegible] Shepherd, Mrs. Mary E. Shortwell, Mrs. Cora L. [va are O.V?] Smith, Mrs. Mary Frances Snead, Mrs. Ada J. [are D?] Sonenstein, Mrs. Mollie [va. vare o.r?]

Thomas, Miss Eleanor I. [Trimble?], Mrs. Ethel W. [va are o.v?] V

Vaughan, Mrs. Willie

Walk, Mrs. Missouri F. Walley, Mrs. Lucy T. [Watkins?] Mrs. Dolly Webb, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth 1st O.V. White, Miss Mae Whitton, Mrs. Maude [Whichward?], Mrs. Annie Dey 818 va. are [Whiley?] Mrs. Virginia B. Woodhouse, Mrs. M. Grace 148 va are

[Womens?] Precinct [Ward?], Mrs. Sara E. [Welch?] Mrs. Lucester Kellar [Mute?], Miss Blanch L.