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NORVIEW, Precinct #2 [written at top of page]


Allen, Mrs. Effie H. Amaory, Mrs. Nellie L.

Banneir, Mrs. Dorothy M. Bash, Mrs. Rebecca Becraft, Mrs. Iva Mae Bennett, Mrs. Ledia G. Bennet, Mrs. Rosa Bringham, Mrs. Margaret B. [Illegible], Miss Meriam G. Brodick, Mrs. Alberta

Capps, Mrs. Sarah E. Carr, Mrs. Margaret E. Chagnot, Mrs. Gertrude Collins, Mrs. Annie Collins, Mrs. Elizabeth V. Cruse, Mrs. E. B.

Edwards, Mrs. Lucy E.

Fanning, Mrs. Sadie V. Fatherley, Mrs. M. E. Fenner, Mrs. Ruth Shelton Field, Mrs. Ruth Shelton Field, Mrs. Lizzie S. Field, Mrs. Virginia Taylor Fisher, Mrs. [Illegible] Frutail, Mrs. Mamie O.

Fairmont Precinct [written at top right side of page] Gantt, Mrs. Ruth Gregory, Mrs. Grace M. U East Fairmount [written in pencil next to name] Gregory, Miss Grace M. B Gregory, Mrs. Donald M.

Harrowell, Miss Mae Harry, Mrs. V. C. Harrison, Miss Cora A. Hart, Mrs. Alice Strawhand Hayes, Mrs. Adeliade V. Hayes, Mrs. Corina L. Hooker, Mrs. Cora L.