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FAIRMOUNT PARK, Precinct, #2

Parker, Mrs. Maude M. Peebles, Mrs. Estelle W. Peppens, Mrs. Evangline Phillips, Miss Mary Phillips, Miss Eula F.

Reans, Mrs. Susie B. Reid, Mrs. Margaret Richardson, Mrs. Lucille L. Rumberg, Mrs. V. W.

Sadler, Mrs. Alice V. Shultz, Mrs. Annie Simms, Mrs. Lulu V. Simpson, Mrs. Lilly M. Smith, Mrs. Elsie M. Smith, Mrs. Mary Steward Squires, Mrs. Elizabeth A. Stant, Mrs. Ada Lilia Stewart, Mrs. Annie B. Stewart, Mrs. [Lulu?] F. Stevens, Mrs. Margaret M. Sullivan, Mrs. M. Cecilia Sutton, Mrs. Cora Wheller Sutter, Mrs. Sallie T.

Thompson, Mrs. Pearl E. Thompson Mrs. Jennie C.

Weaver, Mrs. Elizabeth V. Webster, Mrs. Estelle L. White, Mrs. Sallie A. Whitson, Mrs. Mary O. Williams, Mrs. Antinette Wilson, Mrs. Bessie L.