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and Norview Precinct Gallup, Miss Maude school Home Gatewood, Mrs E. M. 16 st Geest, Mrs. Annie S. mil Gibson, Mrs. Kenton M. drugstore Gildrey, Mrs. Maple Roper Gooding, Mrs. Virginia 4th st Gray, Mrs. Nan O. [overstore?]

Hammlin, Miss Quize schoolhouse Hamilton, Mrs. Bertha " Hawks, Mrs. Rebecca J. Hare, Mrs. Ida M. Harris, Mrs. Sarah E. Henley, Mrs. Sue V. [co?] Hewitt, Miss Clara Higgins, Mrs. [Carry?]T. L. [outage luse?] Hoffmann, Mrs. Eva O. [Diggs Cot?] [illegible] Hollanman, Mrs. Jeffy Blanche Hood, Mrs. Mamie B. schoolhouse Hudgins, Mrs. Glads P. 13th st Hudgins, Miss Marry W. [Melongily?]

Jackson, Mrs. Anna M. [coltage line?] 14th [stop?]

Keaton, Miss Mary J.