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OCEAN VIEW, Princinct #2

Nelson, Mrs. Lulu W.

Ott, Catherine L. W. Mrs.

Parker Mrs. Eva R. Pick, Mrs. Elizabeth Potts, Mrs. Mary Porsher, Mrs. Mary E. Preston, Mrs. Merrill Page

Rafford, Mrs. Jessie B. Rafford, Miss Alma L. Afford, Miss Lilly V. Reed, Mrs. Hazel Jane [in right margin in pencil, 21? illegible] Roberts, Mrs. Beulah H. T. Rosson, Mrs. Ella K.

Scribber, Mrs. Pauline C. Sheperd, Mrs. Mary E. Shotwell, Mrs. Cora L. Shoemaker, Mrs. Anna L. Smith, Mrs. Mary Frances Snead, Mrs. Ada J. Sonenstein, Mrs. Mollie [smudged out]

Thomas, Miss Eleanor I. Timble, Mrs. Ethel W. [smudged out]

Vaughan, Mrs. Willie

Walk, Mrs. Missouri F. Walley, Mrs. Lucy T. Watkins, Mrs. Dolly Webb, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Whitem, Miss Mae Whitton, Mrs. Maude Whichward, Mrs. Annie Day Willey, Mrs. Virginia B. Woodhouse, Mrs. M. Grace

[handwritten below] norview Ward, Mrs Sara E. Welch, Mrs Lucinda Kellar White, Miss Blanch L.