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and what was true of Norfolk was true throughout the state. The frail body of Mrs. Valentine is no more but her strong, courageous spirit still lives. The seed she planted has born fruit. The agitating of the right of citizenship for women has grown into the teaching of citizenship to women, the agitating of better laws for women & children. better enforcement. better government, real statesmanship unbiased by sex or party prejudice. As soon as women were given the vote, the old Equal Suffrage League was resolved into the League of Women Voters, and has spent these two yeas industriously teaching true citizenship & working to gain better legislation both state and national. The League reiterates that it is by no means a political party, a woman's party or a school of politics & tho' it is its purpose to fit one the better to enter the party of her choice and use it in a statesmanlike manner for the good of the people. Nor is it a [cinc] improvement League in each locality to clean up the dirty politics, so called: its object is more far reaching and fundamental; laying foundation stones for better ideals that will do the cleaning up just as surely as light dispels darkness. Norfolk is again to have visitors from Richmond visitors on whom the mantel of Mrs. Valentin has fallen. Who were so close to her in those early struggles, so trained in her ideals,, that they