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Chattanooga Southern Conference Conventions Nov 10-11, 1914 Miss Christobal Pankhurst noted woman suffragette of Eng. was present as the guest of Mrs Belmont & her private R. R. car. The Crowd was so great an overflow meeting was held in a nearby hall where Miss Pankhurst also spoke. In personal appearance she upset many preconceived ideas of an English militant. Under medium height & slender with round rosy cheeks, mile blue eyes & gentle warm of speech. She made a most excellent speech. Miss Mary Johnston of Va followed by briefly discussing the progress of the Suff. movement in the South & urged the need of vigorous action by the women of the country to follow up the victories gained in recent elections. The gist of the Southern Conference was that Suffrage was a states right question & must be obtained primarily through amendments to state Constitutions. The Gordon sisters from New Orleans were leaders in this conference & such women as Ida Porter-Boyer, Miss Laura Clay of Kentucky, Mrs Harriet Stanton [illegible], New York and Mrs Grace G Seaton were speakers as well as Mrs Belmont and Miss Christobel Pankhurst. Mrs Catherine W. McCulloch