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I hold in my hand a report made by Mary Anderson, the wonderful director of the Woman's bureau department of labor of U. S. Government. The report gives the results of an investigation of women in Industry in the State of Virginia in response to a request of our Governor Hon. W. Davis. The investigation was made in cooperation with the bureau of labor and Industrial Statistics of Virginia of which Mr. Howard T. Colvin is the head and Miss Mary Schaill of the Women's department. Governor Davis' desire for this investigation was to obtain reliable first hand information of the industrial activities of the women of the state as a basis for legislation that might be enacted in the interest of women in industry. Inspections were made in all the cities and larger towns of the state, of course including Norfolk, and facts obtained relating chiefly to hours and working conditions, although the question of wages is recognized as of supreme importance we will have to defer it to another time as it is not pertinent to the subject I was asked to bring before you, namely the Legislation to be asked of our Leg. next January. There are today more than 226,000 wage earning women in the state, and they constitute nearly 54% of all workers in industry.