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State Chairman August 2, 19[illegible]1 -2- Roll call on Amendment to take administration away from Children's Bureau. Page 4465, Congressional Record July 22.

YEAS -- 9. Borah Broussard King Moses Overman Reed Cameron Lodge NAYS -- 61. Ashurst Ball Bursum Calder Capper Caraway Cuberson Curtis Ernst Fletcher Gerry Harris Harrison Heflin Hitchcock Johnson Jones,Wash. Kellogg Kendrick Kenyon Keyes Knox Ladd La Follette Lenroot McCormick McCumber McKellar McKinley McLean McNary Nelson New Nicholson Norbeck Norris Oddie Penrose Pittman Poindexter Pomerene Ransdell Robinson Sheppard Shortridge Simmons Smoot Spencer Stanfield Stanley Sterling Swanson Townsend Trammell Underwood Walsh, Mass. Walsh, Mont. Warren Weller Williams Willis