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Norfolk, Virginia Gentlemen of the Republican Party of the 2nd Cong. Dist. of Va. I represent the same dist as yourselves, the 2nd Cong., in the name of the E. S. L. of Va. which body has now over 12000 enrolled names. It is my purpose to ask that you endorse the principle of Equal suffrage for man and woman, and instruct your delegates to the coming State Convention on March 29 at Roanoke,to endeavor to put a woman suffrage plank in the platform of the Rep. party. I will not take up your time with the numerous arguments as to the right of women suffrage, hoping you have each and all fully informed yourselves. I would that each of you had heard that splendid exposition of the whole question by Mrs Beatrice Forbes-Robinson Hale recently here, and I hope not one of you will miss hearing Miss Willholland at the Colonial Theatre tomorrow night; but I want to quote to you, as an example to follow, the words of your greatest Republican, our immortal Lincoln, who said "I go for all sharing alike the priviledges of government who assist in bearing its burdens, by no means excluding women", and also the words of Theo Roosevelt, who said "It is the right of women to have the vote, it is the duty of man to give it and we all need the woman's help when we try to solve the many and terrible problems set before us." It is this last clause I would draw your attention. You have come to the time when you need woman's help in solving your problems because many of your problems are new ones to men and such as your fathers and grandfathers "not not of", for children, and schools and morals and cleanliness and milk