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One of the most far reaching accomplishments of the Virginia Branch of the National League of Women Voters, last year, was the conference on Efficiency Government, held in Richmond, in November. Governor Davis called the conference and gave his full support. Men recognized as the best brains of the state responded. The idea is being copied in other states and much progress along lines of purer politics is being reported. I wish to tell you today something of what was said concerning County Government only. Dr. J. A. Chandler, President Wm. & Mary College, enlarged on the idea of a community center where citizenship is taught the masses' in a non-partisan way, pointing out the three fundamentals as, study of our educational system, study of equalization of taxation, proceeding from the known or things at hand to the larger matters of general government, and study of efficiency, restraining of personal desires when in conflict with the law: citing instances of great men strictly honest in private life while not in public and gain men like Henry Clay, Calhoun & Taylor, who in the immortal words of Clay, "would rather be right than President". Dr. Chandler declared Good Citizenship the result of intelligent service, " To know your duty and dare to do it." This is the ideal and standard held by the women of the League of Women Voters. Dr. Dice Robins Anderson, president Randolph Macon at Lynchburg, at this same Efficiency Conference said "county government has been called the dark continent of American Government, the Jungle of American Politics,: that is the victim of a false conception of Democracy: that no one is given power enough to do anything for fear they will do something wrong: that the bulk of the population of Virginia lives in the counties: the life of the state is involved in the way the county performs its job: that corruption is not so prevalent as incompetency: that county schools and county pupils were below the standard: that there are too many elective offices: that the problem is one of organization in the county: that no business could be run that way and be successful: no state and national government is run that way: that in California counties have adopted charters and county managers: that since Virginia had led the South as well as the nation in municipal administration, she should now get busy on county government. At the same conference Major Leroy Hodges referred to county government as "an institution without head or tail: that we must conceive a county plan or must dream a dream of the ideal county government and then work towards it. That the most beautifully planned and well governed city of the days of old, grew from the dream of a woman, the Queen Simiramis, who founded Babylon, and now that the American woman is clothed with political authority, can we not dream again, to create cities, beautiful in plan and perfect in rule? Shall we not study our county government as it is to know its good points, to realize its weak points, to get a vision of something better. the Bible says "where these is no vision the people perish"-this vision is nothing else than the inspiring of a true ideal". We are most anxious that in entering the electorate we come not with empty brains but bring a large contribution of intelligence as well as the so called woman's intuitions. For that reason we have taken up the subject of county government, according to a pamplelet compiled by one of our State League of Women Voters' officers. We have set ourselves the task of a questionnaire, and out of this meeting we hope to form in each community of the county a nucleus of women studying the same. To quote Lady Nancy Astor, You men have no idea what help we can bring to you--you have no idea how badly you need us, and it was with the idea of getting together, to look into our candidates faces to hear their pleas, to judge what manner of man desires to serve us that we have gathered under the open vault of heaven, this glorious June afternoon.