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altho names may be submitted from the floor & will be considered by the committee The (wom.?) Cowt will submit if alot (lowie?) members of the col. league + any nominations from the floormill be taken into consideration It was decided that the mceidiuey should be for this year only appointed by this wom' com. at the request of both leagues Mrs Barton Wyers presided as chairwoman at both meeting of the goit comitay yet no pres. no pres. has been appointed commitees were apppointed from lorto league to consider the matter It was agreed by the joint committees that a consolidation might be carried out under the following. Committees of fire were appointed by each league. Mrs Townsend appointed to Sirremth herself to re. the E.S.S. + Miss Eure sirre for the Uter. L. o the follow conditions were agreed upon. copy from postcard 1-2-3-4 Mrs Po Myere served as chairman of both meeting of joint com. during which the consolidations was affected. Ons Theus next the first meeting of