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Can industry abolish Poverty? _ Norman Thomas condition of unemployment worse than slavery Owners provided for slaves - you provide for your horse, your car Laborer is an old man at 50 - Lawyers, doctors, ministers not old, at 50 Industry does not care for its workers as well as you do of your dog. Australia has an insurance system gives them a feeling of security- American system insecure Seasonable Industry unholsome because manufacturer does not plan to [provide?] other work between times, also night work. The business of society [?] governmental agencies to regulate the great tragedy of history is that the underdog has always paid the price. Age of early industrial revolution in [Eug.?] women + children paid bombly - a tragic commentary on our brains [thearto?] When new inventions - new piec of machinery comes into view men pay by unemployment. Cheif reason we have to build more jails + prisoner Clue reason we do not have better houses is unemployment cheap power, natural reasons + cheap labor no credit to us Purchasing power of money has made the robber Tariff that mite be passed in our next Congress. Can we abolish poverty in view of the machinery we already have yes. Are we doing it. No. all production should be of human well being - to think and plan in [teruis?] of the world. Establishment of a minimum wage code Our easy acceptance of things makes us drift He Commeudid League of Women Voters for taking these problems