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Equal Suffrage League of Norfolk MRS. CHAS. E. TOWNSEND, PRESIDENT, 245 W. FREEMASON STREET NORFOLK, VIRGINIA 1ST VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. W. J. ADAMS 601 COLONIAL AVENUE 2ND VICE PRESIDENT MRS. G.L.P. STONE U.S.S. RICHMOND, NAVY YARD REC. SEC'Y MRS. L. C. MATHEWS 146 9TH STREET COR. SEC'Y MISS KATHERINE WICKER 345 DUKE STREET TREAS. MISS FANNIE L. GOLDSMITH 704 WESTOVER AVENUE ASS'T TREAS. MRS. M. A. HARTIGAN, JR. 16 STRATFORD APARTMENTS HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENTS: MISS ELLEN DUVAL MRS. BARTON MYERS MRS. CAREY WESTON President Outlines Summer work for the League The Equal Suffrage League has been resting on its oars, so to speak, since the Pure Food Show, except for the visits of two fine speakers - Mrs. B. B. Valentine, the State President of E.S.L. of Va. and Mrs. Jessie Hardy Stubbs of Wash. D.C., at which times meetings have been held in Norfolk, Portsmouth Oceana, Va. Beach and Ocean View. Mrs Stubbs is one of many able speakers sent out by that exceedingly active body of intelligent suffragists working at the National Capitol & known as the Congressional Union. Women both young and old, some beautiful, wealthy, college bred and traveled, some from the ranks of the overworked & underpaid teachers, & shop & factory girls; some grandmothers, who with health & strength still aglow, are as alive to their grandmother job of today as the Colonial grandmother in her day; a small army of self-sacrificing women, stumping the country these hot summer days to explain to the people the meaning of Equal Suffrage. Two more of these speakers are to be in Norfolk the latter part of August-Mrs Latimer of Balto. and Miss Thurlow of Phila. N.B. Many of the active workers of the Norfolk League have left home for the summer. Five have tiny babies to watch over. Duty to home is always first with suffragists. It is that sense of duty to Home that impels them to spend their leisure hours pleading for better laws of sanitation, schooling, housing etc. The neglected homes of the land are not those of the suffragists. The divorce court records are not filled with suf-