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1918 Spec Sess 1919 1920 HOUSE. Richmond City Fuller, E. R., Richmond, Va. #28 "Wet" [photo] E. R. Fuller

1916 voted no. Wife a suffragist 1918 Opposed - [five names crossed out] 1919. Reported as no longer opposed. To be interviewed after primary. Interviewed at the legislature by N.H. Would vote against it if it came up at this session of 1919. Said he knew we had petitions, and didn't need to see any of them. Thought it ought not to come up at this time. Would help keep it out. Wouldn't say about 1920. 1920 candidates Fuller, Price Haddon Wilcox Boschen.

Voted Aye - on Ozlin Leedy resolution - and voted to bring it up.