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HOUSE. Richmond City 1918 [illegible] 1920 Fuller, E. R.,Richmond, Va. #28 1916 voted no. ["wet"] wife a suffragist 1918 Opposed (5 Graham Hobson R W [Carrylon] James P. Jones 1918 Wm. M. Myers A. O [Boseleu] Jas. H. Price) 1919. Reported as no longer opposed. To be interviewed after primary. Interviewed at the legislature by N.H. Would vote against if [illegible] cause [illegible] at this session of 1919. Said he knew he has [illegible], and did [illegible] them. thought it ought [illegible] term of this time. would help [keep] it out. wouldn't say [illegible] 1920. 1920 candidates [Fulbe] Price [Haddm Wilerx] [illegible]. Aye on [Ogden Leeds] resolution - and voted to [bring] it up.