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To the Honble the Speaker and Gentlemen of the House of Burgesses of Virginia in General Assembly met. The Memorial of the Directors and Managers for erecting a Lighthouse on Cape Henry sheweth, That your Memorialists in compliance with two Acts of the general Assembly of this Colony; and an Act of the general Assembly of the Province of Maryland, took the earliest Opportunity of executing the Trust reposed in them, by purchasing and procuring to be transported to the said Cape, Stone and other Materials, necessary for building a Lighthouse, as well as a dwelling House for the Keeper thereof, and making and fixing Buoys on the Shoals in the Bay of the Chesapeak. That by the Acts of Assembly of this Colony the Sum of Six Thousand Pounds was granted for the purpose aforesaid; and that by the Act of Assembly of Maryland the further Sum of three thousand Six hundred Pounds in lawfull Money of Maryland of the value of three thousand two hundred & Seventy two Pounds fourteen Shillings and Seven pence lawfull Money of Virginia was granted for the same purpose. That your Memorialists have expended, and contracted for the payment of Seven thousand Nine hundred and Eight pounds four Shillings and Ten pence three farthings Virginia Currency in purchasing such Material and procuring them to be transported to the said Cape, and building a dwelling House for the Keeper of the said Lighthouse, and making Eight Buoys, and purchasing, Chains and Anchors necessary for fixing them on the Shoals aforesaid. That after deducting the Money expended, and also what is agreed to be paid in a short Time, there will remain of the Money granted as aforesaid only about the Sum of thirteen hundred & Sixty four pounds Ten Shillings as appears by an Account of Disburtsments and Vouchers ready to be laid before this House when called for. And that from the best information your Memorialists have been able to obtain, it will require the further Sum of Five thousand Pounds or near it, to purchase such other Materials as are necessary, and to pay Workmen's Wages, for erecting the said Lighthouse, and other incidental Charges. Your Memorialists therefore submit it to the consideration of this House to make such further provision and Establishments as they may think proper & necessary to enable the said Directors and Managers to carry out the laudable Intention of the Assembly of this Colony, and the Assembly of Maryland into complete Execution.

Thos Nelson Joseph Hutchings Thomas Newton Junr. Jas Holt Jno Hutchings Matt: [Phripp?]