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Prepare in Triplicate
3500 Nebraska Ave. N. W.
Washington, D. C.
April 9, 1941
(Date of mailing)
The President of the United States,
BOARD NO. [faded]
To (First name) JOHN (Middle name) WESLEY (Last name) RAY [John Wesley Ray]
Order No. 535
Having submitted yourself to a Local Board composed of your neighbors for the purpose of deter-mining your availability for training and service in the armed forces of the United States, you are hereby notified that you have now been selected for training and service in the U. S. Ar
Army. Navy. Marine Corps)
You will, therefore, report to the Local Board named above at Selective Service Headqtrs.,
(Place of reporting)
6th & Penna. Ave., N. W., Washington, DC.
at 7: 15 A. m., on the 16th - day of _ _ April 19. 41
Hour of pertine)
This Local Board will furnish transportation to an Induction station of the service for which you
have been selected. You will there be examined and if accepted for training and service, you will then
be inducted into the stated branch of the service.
If you are not accepted, you will be furnished transportation to the place where you reported. Wil-ful failure to report promptly to this Local Board at the hour and on the day named in this notice is a violation of the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940 and subjects the violator to fine and imprisonment. Bring with you sufficient clothing for 3 days.
You must keep this form and take it with you when you report to your Local Board.
E.M. Tolaud
Member of Local
D. S. s. Form 150 Board.