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References: PP 2t5, Paragraph 55e. b, a; Infantry Scheel ,66666-,66a 6%-16): 6,3.1 Yap 60. 26 (.6 Coordinate Code Overprinted, 2-231). O. Purserec to toech settled of employing Prearranged Its sage Cede and asy Coordinate Code in encoding es sseges. 2. S11141102: You aro the lender of a reocaneiessnee patrol trey Cm:2=y 4. in 1 entaYou have the to:lowing message to aenc to yOur •nder by poise radio: 6.0017:6 rifle platoon entre:nada. in M..," 72 NT et (22.1-22.5) 5111 1eeve 2 mon in obeervetann. 5. 9,..21,42.711: Encode inthe epees bolo, the body ef the n••••50 given obey. using Prearranged Pessagn Code (Cm 79-42), and 1.9 Coordlnete Code (oPercrudted no Special Pap 1o. 25). yr RX Pi4 45 V D WI/ ;7! )8

v/ 7,4 r n VP „ Al/1 '4 CB. ID CET CITD