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Fortress Monroe Virginia Camp Mills N.Y. Sept. 2nd. 1917. My dear Tessie:- I must say that there is but a very little that I have to hand out in this letter. In fact I don't see how I am going to make it a letter; just simply a note. I was more than glad to get your three letters and one from Agnes this week. Regarding Mrs Holmes and his family; they have all left New Jersey and are back in Mass at their old home. I had a letter from Ned Keating just before I left Old Point and he told me all the history of Wakefield for the past six years. When I stop to think of it all I can hardly realize that it has been six years or rather five years and a half since I left Mass. I was glad however to get the story that you mailed to me from the Exchange Seems somewhat strange but often there are moments when to have a Review or an Exchange to read would come in pretty good. We have had a somewhat varied line of work to do this week. I have been drilling the recruits of the two companies assisted by non-commissioned officers of the compan-