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ies. That will constitute my peticular work for the next two weeks. After that I will take up the regular Military Police work with the company. They are all ready at that work. We cover the four towns of Freeport, Hempstead, Garden City and Mineola. There is little aid that the civil authorities are willing to give other than to say that they are helping us. Our peticular work at the present is to prevent liquors from being sold to soldiers. Looks to me as though the civil authorities of these town are getting the regular hand out from the saloon people and they are contented. Last night they had us assist in raiding a place that was as orderly as any place I ever saw. They had put us next to the place early in the week and last night sent in a hurry call. We had spotted the place of our own accord and I am convinced that the whole thing is the fact that the owner of this place had not been putting up the regular pin Money.