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Fortress Monroe Virginia on guard with a traffic squad at the entrance of the camp. If there was one automobile to come here there was ten Thousand. They were so thick that we had to stop then from coming from within a distance of one mile from camp. Teddy Roosevelt was a visit yesterday at the camp as well as was thousands of other folks. We had a hand full trying to get traffic straight and keep it straight. I had a letter from Louise Stokes and the Darnells are leaving Lake Pontacong to-morrow to return to the city. I havn't been over to see them yet nor have I been over to the city ay all. Most of the officers have been, excepting the captain and I. But we will take it all in some day soon. I am going over to Darnell's Wednesdaynight. Well this is all the dope that I have at this time so I will have to close, Love to all From Frank