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general publication so please be carefull who you tell it to. We have been ordered at the beginning of the war to keep mum on the movement of troops. There is liable to be some delay in the sailing date, but one thing sure it won't be any earlier than that. We will, that is a part of the Division be sent over on the German Steamship Vaterland. You know that the Vaterland is an interned Vessel and is the largest vessel ever built. She is 980ft long and 140 feet wide at beam with 12 decks. The Vaterland is now being converted into a transport as are all the Interned German vessels that are in this country. The Vaterland is capable of carrying 9,000 troops together with the baggage that goes with them. While in France we will be permitted to have our salary paid to our folks at home or any one that we so desire to turn it over to. It is arranged in this way: we sign to pay vouchers for sixmonths in advance and the pay that we want to go home those vouchers are sent to the quartermaster of the Army at Washington and when the time comes for payment he sends the money direct to the person it is intended for. As soon as I get some dope on what living expenses are in France I will then make my allottment in the way just described. I will either have every other months pay sent to you to deposit on certificate or I will send you two and keep one. If I don't mention it again I want to caution you to be sure that you deposit those checks to the account of F.J. or A.T. Brosch. That is the way that I already have those certificates deposited you know. I am going to close my checking account with the First National before we leave this country as a checking account is a very expensive thing to have over the way. They charge 15% for cashing checks for that is just what it costs to have the money sent from here over there and vice versa. I will tell you again what steps I take along this line. Over the way they are using high top hunting boots a lot and I wrote to Mr. John Foil yesterday to get me a pair from one of the Lynchburg Wholesalers and turn them over to you; which I will ask you to send to me as soon as Mr. Foil brings them in to you. I have also instructed him to get the money from you neccesssary for purchase. Please let him have it and I will send you a check to cover. I started to get a pair of riding boots but they are too expensive and then not half so warm. They won't stand up under the work either. Thursday I went over to New York for my first time since coming here. I first went to Governor's Island to purchase equipment for myself and then came back over to the city. At five oclock I call at the office that Louise Stokes works at and we went to the house. She was looking fine and considerably improved since I saw her last. I didn't know George Darnell when I saw him at all. He was a wee sickly little devil when I saw him last. Now he weighs 100 pounds and is rather tall. Mr. and Mrs