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[4 lines of text appear at top of page written upside down] I mean to address this letter to you Bessie, & if Nannie should not happen to be with you, please let her see it too. May God's best blessing ever rest upon you my dear girls & upon all your loved ones. ever yours with sincere affection Ann [Howa...?]

Woodstock Feb 18th 1856.

My dearest Bessie & Nannie,

I have just finished reading, once more, the affectionate notes I received from you, the day before I bade adieu, to my much loved Prince Edward home. I debated for a while, whether I should write to each one of you separately, but concluded, as I wished too say nearly the same to both, that I would send a joint letter. You do not know dear girls, how much I prized your notes. I could not refrain from taking a hearty cry over them. I was greatly disappointed at not seeing you all again, but we know, that our Heavenly Father, "ever doeth all things well," for those who love Him and put their trust in Him. I shall always feel thankful, that Mr. H., was permitted to labor, among the dear members of Appomattox church, and that we had the joy, of seeing some of the congregation, casting in their lot with the people of God. To you dear Nannie, & the others