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who were with you, we shall ever feel a peculiar love. Often times now, though far, far away from you, do my thought and heart go back, to those pleasant scenes, through which we passed together. I can never forget them. I do hope, we shall be permitted to see you all once more in this world. We often think and talk of you, & I can assure you time nor distance, will not diminish our love for you. As you may suppose, we had a very cold time of it getting here. The commencement of our journey was the most disagreeable part of it, as we spent 5 hours at the Farmville Depot, & then on account of losing the connection at the junction, were obliged to go over to Petersburg, and from thence to Richmond, where we spent a few days very pleasantly. You know, we always loved to go to our dear, old home. We left R. in the Central Cars for Alexandria, where we passed the night, and started bright and early, the next morning for Strasburg. The scenery along the road must be most beautiful in summer, but I can tell you, it did look cold, to see the mountains rising upon either side, covered with snow, & it not only looked cold, but felt cold too, though I did not suffer as much as I had feared we would. I was truly thankful; when we reached our journey's end, or rather the end of the railroad, for I felt all the