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Did you ever see and feel any thing like the weather has been this winter? How has your dear Grandma Venable stood it, and the invalids at your home Nannie? Frequently we have thought of the Dr. & hoped that he was quite well again, thought the severity of the weather, would we feared, retard his recovery. Tell him, he does not know how much I thought of his kind message to me. From the first time he met me, his manner has ever been so friendly & cordial to me, that I could not help forming a strong liking for him. Remember me affectionately to him. I expect the cold weather has confined your Mother pretty closely to her room this winter, but I hope it has not increased her suffering. I feel as if your two families were so closely united, that I always think of them as one, so you must give our warmest, best love to all the members of both of them. I know Mr. H. would send a message if he were here, but he has not returned from Strasburg. Would you write to me soon, and let me hear how you all are, for I shall be interested in every thing you can tell me, about those dear friends I have left in Prince Edward, and I [don't?] you, ever to forget us. You must pray for us & for Mr. H. that he may be made very useful in his new field of labor. I know he would love to feel, that he was remembered at a throne of grace by you all.