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Upon this being declined by the letter which he exhibits, the complainant [illegible] "regret" that he had ever made the [illegible], less it should appear " he was dissatisfied with what" had already been " given him" by the said Richard M Scott, and expressed the most solemn & heartfelt conviction" that no other friend or relation would have done the same part by him" & his family and declares his most lasting gratitude for what thus been done for him. All this too is written when the complainant had nearly completed his 24th year had for some years been residing in the immediate vicinity of his fathers property & amongst those enabled to give him the most correct information of [illegible] his rights. and it is to this correspondence that the complainant now refers as affording the strongest evidence in his expression of the correctness of his allegations against the character & fair dealing if his acknowledged benefactor & friend. The said Richard M Scott survived the period of this correspondence for about two years, & up to the time of his decease, not one word of charge, [illegible] or dissatisfaction was ever heard from the complainant. How long the complainants [illegible] & wanted gratitude out lived his benefactor may be seen by the [illegible] & unfounded [illegible] now attended to be heaped upon his memory.