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in Stafford County and commonwealth of Virginia purchased by me at different times from Charles I Love, and wife, now called by the name of St. Marysville also the negroes now attached to the said Estate. Consisting of Janus, commonly called James, Gant and his wife Lipey with their children and grand children and their future increase also all the stock of horses, cattle, sheep, stags the and the stove [illegible] and kitchen furniture, and farming utensils of every description on the said land, belonging to me at the time of my decease which said property, real, personal, and mixed. I will and bequeath to my said friend William H. Fitzhugh and my said brother in law, Edisin C Fitzhugh their heirs [illegible] to be held by him or them In trust only for the use intended and purposes and for no other use intent or purpose whatsoever that is to say for the use and benefit of my beloved relation Richard Marshall Scott [illegible] now residing at St. Marysville for and during his natural life only, and no longer. The said estate, real, personage and mixed, is to remain for and during the lifetime of my said relation Rich. M. Scott junior under the management and control of my said friend W. H. Fitzhugh and my said brother in law Edwin C Fitzhugh, their heirs [illegible] who are to pay over the profits thereof to the said Richard M Scott junior as from time to time he may need them, and if the said Rich M. Scott junior should die before his mother my beloved cousin Elizabeth D. Scott, then and in that case, I will that the profits of the said estate go paid over in like manner to his said mother for and during his natural life and no longer, and after the decease of the said Richard M. Scott junior and his said mother Elizabeth D. Scott the trust created by this item of my will is to cease determine and be utterly null and void anything contained herein to the contrary notwithstanding nevertheless it is hereby to be understood and expressly declared to be my will, that the real, personal and mixed estate divided in trust as aforesaid to my said friend W. H. Fitzhugh and my said brother in law Edwin C Fitzhugh is to remain during the life time of the said Rich. M. Scott junior and his said mother Elizabeth D Scott chargeable with and subject to by way of rent to the annual payment of two hundred dollars the first payment whereof is to become due on the first day of January next following my decease and a like sum on the first day of January in each year thereafter for and during the natural life of the said Rich M Scott junior, and the said Elizabeth D. Scott and to be paid as aforesaid to my heirs Executrix administrators or assigns subject to be determined for as other rents are and the said real and personal estate to remain subject to [illegible] and repossession in case the said annual amounts or any part thereof shall remain in arrears and unpaid for the space of three months after the the same shall have become due and payable.